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Nelidova Records
3113 W. Burbank Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 563-3787

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Earn Christmas Cash the Easy Way!

If you have a website you can earn extra money this Christmas by becoming a Nelidova Records affiliate! It's free to join, so there's nothing to lose and the potential for a lot to gain! Read on to see how you can become a member of this exciting new program.

What is Nelidova Records?

Nelidova Records is dedicated to the creation, production, and marketing of music product in a variety of forms. We are in the business of creating and producing music and other related products that provide to the entertainment industry and the global consumer market quality work that has the intention of bringing joy, entertainment, and personal evolution through the unique power of music. Nelidova Records stands firm in the belief that music plays a central role in the enrichment and development of the human spirit. It is our intention to promote the intrinsic value of quality music performed or created by talented musicians.

Holiday music plays a prominent role in our product selection–because we love it so much! But we also have plans to produce large orchestral renditions of Broadway Show Music, Christian Music, Meditation Music, Cinematic Stylized Music and other interesting and innovative projects. We intend to produce anything and everything that is high quality and inspiring.

How Does the Affiliate Program Work?

When you sign up as an affiliate, we give you a unique Member ID and a link to our web site.  You can place our banners, buttons, or text link on your site.  Each time someone clicks through your banner, button or text link with your unique code, our software registers the visit and keeps track of it. If during their visit to our site, they purchase any of our products, you will receive a phenomenal 20% commission! (This is among the highest percentage you will likely find anywhere on the internet!)

We recommend that you update your banners no less than once per month. This helps keep your website "fresh", which encourages repeat visits.

Also remember the more pages on which you display banners, the more traffic you will drive to our site. Increased traffic = higher earnings potential.

What Do I Need To Do To Join?

1 You will need your own web site
2 You will need to read our affiliate agreement
3 You must sign up using our easy sign up form above
4 You must place our banner(s) or text link on your site

If you have any questions, please read our Frequently Asked Questions or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you pay for referrals?

We pay a virtually unheard of 20% commission to you from any product your referral purchases from our website.

Does It Cost Anything?

No! Becoming an affiliate with Nelidova Records is absolutely FREE. There is no application fee, no minimum sales requirement, and you are free to cancel at any time.

Who Can Participate in the Nelidova Records Affiliates Program?

Any organization or individual with a website may submit an application to join the Nelidova Records Affiliates Program. We will review each potential affiliate before accepting it into our program. Additionally, we reserve the right to terminate an affiliate from the program at any time for any reason.

How long after someone clicks through to Nelidova Records from my site will you continue to pay the commission? 

Ninety days. If the visitor coming from your site has 'cookies' enabled in their web browser, your Member ID will be placed in a 'cookie' in their web browser.  Thus, if they come back to our site and purchase any product, using the same computer and web browser as they used before, our software will identify you as the referring member, and pay you the commission! Unless they clean out their browser's cookies, our software will recognize them for up to 90 days.

Do You Provide Banners?

Yes, we provide a variety of banners, buttons and text links which you can put on your site.

Where Should I Place My Links?

That's completely up to you! You are welcome to place the links on your website as you see fit, although we do ask that your links not be placed in a manner that is likely to mislead or deceive your visitors. You are also welcome to place links in emails to your friends, relatives, customers and mailing list subscribers. Please note, however, that Nelidova Records EXPLICITLY prohibits the use of "spamming" techniques in connection with the program. Sending program links in "spam" or other unsolicited commercial email is grounds for immediate termination of your participation in the program.

How often do you pay your affiliates?

We pay affiliates quarterly in the first week of September, December, March and June (see agreement for further details.)

How Do I Get Paid?

Nelidova Enterprises, LLC, the parent company of Nelidova Records, will credit your account with the amount of the commission earned when your link directly results in a purchase of any of our products. When your account balance reaches $25, Nelidova Enterprises, LLC will send you a check. If you do not earn $25 in any quarter, your earnings are rolled over into the next quarter's pay period.

Can I view how much has been purchased by people visiting under my affiliate link?

Yes.  We have an Affiliate Center where you can login and veiw the purchases that have been made. These figures are totals, and not commissions due, and are subject to actual completetion. Click on the Affiliates tab on the menu bar to log in.

I Still Have Questions...

We're happy to answer any other questions you might have! Please don't hesitate to contact us by clicking here!

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